A Better Warranty

“GEB®” firmly believes in that product quality is the basis of settling down and the way of survival of enterprise, thus it does not dare to have the slightest slack on product quality. It keeps improving from components selection, production and processing, ex-factory quality testing to after-sales guarantee.

Components selection: the components used by “GEB®” products are all purchased from regular channel, which are imported with original packaging or from domestic top-level components manufacturers with complete formalities and superior quality.
GEB® LED Lamps are backed by a 3 year limited warranty without many limitations.

Production and processing: the most important processing technology for producing LED products is soldering, traditional tin soldering contains large amounts of lead components; the melting point of lead is relatively low, which is likely to be decomposed after being heated, thus the processing technology is relatively simple and convenient, the price is also inexpensive. However, lead can pose hazard to human health. Therefore, “GEBright” insists on using Pb-free solder, which has expensive price and the technological requirements is also relatively high. Moreover, it uses automatic tin furnace for soldering, which not only has no potential safety hazard, but also no environment pollution.

Ex-factory quality testing: we carry out strict and careful product aging quality testing, so as to guarantee the quality of each product be of first-rate.

After-sales guarantee: “GEB®” promises 45 days unconditional changing or refunding; 3 year quality guarantee; and we shall bear all responsibilities within the quality guarantee period.

GEB® has passed EU RoHS (Restriction of the use of certain Hazardous Substances in electronic and electrical equipments)-CE certification. The passing of such certification shows that GEB® product does not contain the six hazardous substances: Pb, Hg, Cd, Cr VI, PBB and PBDEs. Consumers can be assured in using.

Warranty period
Subject to the provisions as set three in the Warranty Terms and
Conditions and as set three hereunder, Purchaser receives the
warranty for the applicable period, as described in table hereunder.
Luminaire warranty
GEB® “Saving” light bulbs           2 year
GEB® “Smart” light bulbs            3 year
GEB® “Brilliant” light bulbs        3~6 year


Compare this with GEB® unlimited (even 24/7 usage) 24 hours X 365 days = 8760 hours X 3 years = 26280 hours!

So,here’s the real bottom line:

Brand A Warranty: 5,475 to 10,950 hours depending on bulb

GEB Warranty: 26,280 hours on all bulbs

The choice really is in the details.


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