What’s EyesCare®

    GEB® lighting is always dedicated to the application development of LED (Light Emitting Diode). With the increasing exhaustion of global resources, continuous rising of surface temperature and the gradual strengthening of human energy conservation and environment protection consciousness, LED industry, which possesses the concept of energy conservation and environment protection, has yield unusually brilliant results across the world. LED industry has become an alternative to lighting across the world, which is the largest scale of updating and upgrading after energy saving lamp. That is due to that the advantage of LED in energy conservation is obvious. Compared to traditional lamp and energy saving lamp, the energy saving efficacy of LED is not only more remarkable, its luminous efficacy is also much higher with longer service life. While protecting our environment, the application scope of such technology is also very extensive.

    For improving our living attitude and quality, as well as catering to the increasingly prevalent trend of environment protection consciousness in the world, GEB® lighting spared no effort in developing green energy saving products, we focus on researching and developing LED lighting application-EyesCare LED spotlight technology, and project system integrated analysis, design and product R&D. We are a company dedicated in the R&D and manufacturing of Eyescare® LED lamp, which only produces high quality LED light relying upon deep plowing lighting technology of “green for home, energy star saving”. The exclusive EyesCare® Technology researched and developed by our scientific and technical personnel is applied in our LED lighting products, and we have timely launched EyesCare LED light with true meaning to improve people’s living quality via innovation. Product categories are not limited to indoor and outdoor light source and application, and even extended to flat panel display backlight system. Our professional team is composed by the elites of world famous enterprises, who have extremely rich experience in LED product design and application; while closely catering to the requirements of society, the company also seeks change with bold innovations. Out target is to bring new experience in eyes care lighting system for customers via professional and perseverant attitude, high quality products and all-round after-sales service.


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Currently, our team is exerting efforts in R&D and improving light source and lighting system with more stability, stronger luminescent property and more creativity EyesCare® technology. The LED projects we have participated in include decorative lighting system, basic lighting system and energy-saving devices. Our team combines with high-tech people-oriented solution starting from the angle of customers. Our all-round planning, design and fulfilling concept is completely fit with high quality and high requirement market demand. We also exert effort in promoting product performance, the related market construction and activity, etc to the greatest efficiency, so as to let customers be satisfied.

Seeking continuous progress and innovation in technology is our motive power. Our vision is to plow lighting technology, dedicate in EyesCare® LED lighting, and exert the advantage of GEB® lighting in LED eyes care technology via making incessant efforts in LED products and technology. While being close to emerging lighting market and operation mode, we shall span system integration technology between electric optics and lighting market, so as to create higher quality green energy living and feed back the society conscientiously.

GEB® LED lighting has the following advantages:
The reason why GEBright Technology can remain firm and unmoved in severe market competition is that LED lighting products produced by us as concerned by consumers would not pose hazard to retina, the exclusive EyesCare technology researched and developed by our technical team is applied into LED lighting products. As per the harmful degree of optical radiation regulated by IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission), continuous radiation lamps are classified into four categories: no risk, low risk, medium risk and high risk. Of which, our EyesCare LED lamp products are strictly conforming to all the requirements of no risk category lamps. It can be said that EyesCare technology can truly care for the eyes.


As compared to traditional lighting technology, GEB®  LED lighting has the following advantages:

  1. Natural light: as compared to white light and warm light, LED is more close to sunlight, which is more comfortable and natural, making the comfortable degree of eye retina be increased.
  2. EyesCare technology can reduce the harmful degree of light radiation to no risk, protecting the eyes of children free from harm.
  3.  No strobing: it has stable DC power output, no matter meeting unstable voltage or the blockage of surge current, it can all output constant DC current. High quality driving DC electrical source is the key of no strobing of LED lamp.
  4.  Long service life: its service life can reach tens to hundreds of times of general lamps.
  5.  High optical efficacy: optical efficacy is the ratio between the total luminous flux emitted by light source and the electric power consumed by light source, which is the important indicator in evaluating whether the light source is energy conserving. LED is the solid-state semiconductor device converting electric energy into visible light, and its luminous power conversion is above 98%.
  6.  High color rendering: color rendering is the important requirements of eye protecting lamps. If the color rendering of lamplight is low, the exposed object would be very difficult to restore the original color. People may have such general knowledge, the objects under the radiation of traditional filament lamp (bulb) is often dim, which is due to the low color rendering of filament lamp, while the color rendering of fluorescent lamp is obviously higher than filament lamp. Among all the existing lighting products, the color rendering of LED lamp is the highest, thus it is the most clear.
  7.  Low power consumption: power consumption within unit time is only 1/4 of traditional filament lamp.
  8.  Low luminance attenuation: people all have such feeling that any lamp would not be bright as the new bought one after a period of using, the part of reduced luminance is luminance attenuation. There are lots of reasons causing luminance attenuation, but the most critical is thermal issue. “GEBright” brand pays particular attention to the thermal dissipation function of product, thus greatly reducing luminance attenuation rate and prolonging the service life.
  9. More environmental-friendly and no pollution; no ultraviolet and infrared radiation; no thermal radiation; the luminous source does not contain toxic heavy metals such as tungsten and Hg, thus it is more healthy.
  10.  No glare: it can protect eye retina be free from harm.
  11. Sealing encapsulation: the encapsulation product adopted by “GEBright” has superior quality, which can basically eradicate the leakage of blue light.


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