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Industrial lighting is considered one small branch in lighting industry, same goes for industrial lighting designer.

In my imagination, industrial lighting designer visits frontier like factory and mine etc. every day. Their everyday life could be like this:

They deal with cold testing instruments and piles of design drawings every day, their designs are meticulous and cautious, just like their character. They don’t have sentimental appeal like home lighting designer, they aren’t posh like commercial lighting designer, nor are they supreme like large-scale landscape lighting.Frankly speaking, they are just “corny”. But today, we will overturn your perception, industrial lighting can be of sentimental appeal, posh and supreme, it is also deliberate. Because the occasions are special, the industrial lighting requires high security level, so the control of various data in design process of industrial lighting should be hideously accurate.

Today, following Mr. Yaowu Yang, let us look into the profession of industrial lighting designer and the industry of industrial lighting.

Lighting and lighting designer

Lighting design is very fashionable and artistic, which is also suitable for showing off.

With your own or other’s woman around the romantic lighting environment, you take a sip of coffee and point to colorful lighting landscape outside the window,  then vomit one mouthful smoke of cigar, and say slowly:

“This is my work when I started this business.”

Immediately you receive a look full of tenderness and worship. At this time you don’t need to care about her and continue:

“ Actually this project is a failure, I was doing it completely according to the most advanced design principle in Europe, which is also accepted by a friend of IALD. But Party A is dinosaur-like, how can they know this? The construction is not good either, they are all farmers. In China, No matter how good the design is, its result will be beyond all recognition at last.”

Then you just pretend that your heart aches, surely the woman around you will admire you tremendously, and feel deeply sorry for your unrecognized talent. At this point, if you choose the right time to say:”Two years later, I will take you to Europe for development.” and so the story was rounded off with a happy ending.

Industrial lighting and lighting poshness

Actually industrial lighting is to supply lighting for industrial environment like factory and mine etc. It includes both usual indoor lighting and common outdoor or roadway lighting. You know all these so there is no need to say more. The difficult bit is functional requirements of fluctuating technological process&specialized equipment to lighting and many restrained conditions.

For many lighting designers, industrial lighting doesn’t have sentimental appeal like home lighting, they aren’t posh like commercial lighting, nor are they supreme like large-scale landscape lighting. Working with workers of factory or mines, Industrial lighting is very grounded, cold, low-end, and very low, therefore designers seldom pay attention to it.

Actually, to say a word of angst to designers, it isn’t that you disdain to work on industrial lighting, it’s rather that you don’t have the ability to do it. You laugh at the coarseness of industrial lighiting, just to conceal your ignorance and flightiness. For doing well in industrial lighting, you not only need to know construction structure and lighting equipment, but also need to acquaint manufacture process, process requirement, logistics, people flow, equipment layout, on-the-spot management and industrial informatization, otherwise not to mention showing off, an assembler of workshop can put you down, making you thoroughly discredited or even you will flee.

What is industrial lighting ?

As previously mentioned, industrial lighting is to supply lighting for industrial factory or mine, so what exactly should we do?

As a place for producing industrial product, generally a factory includes workshop, warehouses, offices, subsidiary rooms, all kinds of outdoor installations, fields, stations and roads etc., some factories also have all kinds of technical interlayers and underground installations.

1 Office occupancy

To return to the subject, in industrial environment, office occupancy should be the most familiar to everybody. Nothing more needs to be said, as long as requirement of illuminance, uniformity of illuminance, glare and energy conservation can be met. Of course, it should coordinate with the overall lighting environment of the factory.

2Warehouse lighting

Warehouse lighting is a project underappreciated, but because the storage conditions of different industries are quite different, their are many aspects we need to pay attention to.

In warehouse of electron components and precision parts, we need to see product identification clearly, so the illuminance level should be high. Don’t be stupid and calculate vertical illuminance on the ground, which I bet the textbook doesn’t teach you. After all the teachers count on remedial costs to support their family, they can’t teach everything in class.

Warehouse of mechanical equipment may need to install tools for vehicle access and moving of goods, so when design lighting, the space height and traffic route need to be taken into consideration;

Warehouse of chemical product has explosion-proof requirement, so the lighting fixture need to meet explosion-proof standard;

Warehouse of food, medicine and cosmetics has anti-bacterial requirement, so need use professional lighting fixture.

3 Subsidiary room

Subsidiary room includes distribution room, air-conditioner room, communication machine room, compressor room, water pump house, boiler room, archives, guard-room and duty room etc., which in most cases the standard doesn’t refer to or passes with just one sentence. And its specific requirement is not clear neither. Due to building structure and shape of room, special designing software doesn’t work well, newcomer will feel overwhelmed when coming across these issues. Now your professional knowledge of industrial building and manufacturing technique can come in handy, heh, I am veteran and have experience!

Figure: According to different storage situation, the lighting requirement of warehouse spaces are different.

Figure: lighting of functional places such as distribution room, air-conditioner room, communication machine room, compressor room, water pump house, boiler room and archives etc., belongs to industrial lighting.

4 Outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting includes all kinds of storage yard, parking lot, road, outdoor tower crane, reaction still and blast furnace etc., so try to keep your design as simple as possible. You need to pay attention to blocking of light by high-rise building, and combine it with landscape lighting of the factory.

Figure: Outdoor lighting of parking lot and roads etc. belongs to the domain of industrial lighting.

The industrial lighting which we normally speak of mainly refer to the lighting of industrial workshop, such as electronics, micro-electronics, instrument, communication, machinery, chemical engineering, metallurgy, building materials, assembly, spinning, clothing, food, medicine etc. Different industries has different manufacturing technique, and different manufacturing technique has different requirement for lighting. So when you take up a case of industrial lighting, first you need to know what kind of industry it is, what is the lighting requirement of this industry, what is the technological process of this industry, and then you can check the architectural drawings. If you are not acquainted with this industry, and still try hard to investigate architectural drawings, finally you find that you can’t make it. Isn’t it a waste of your time?

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