Fall Lighting Ideas: 7 Rooms in Your House That Need LEDs Now!

7 rooms in your house that need light now

How to Make Sure Your Home is Fully Equipped for the Holidays with Fall Lighting

We have officially reached October: the month of pumpkins, colorful leaves, and haunted houses. Fall is under way, and we know how quickly the holidays will be approaching. This is the year you will pat yourself on the back for being fully prepared for company and parties! We’ve compiled a list of important rooms in your beautiful home that can benefit from a little boost of fall lighting here and there.


1. Your Living Room or Family Room

It’s the place your family gathers after a long day of work and school. It’s the room where you entertain your friends and guests. Your living room is one of the most used rooms in your home and should be comfortable and inviting. Ideas for this room: TV backlight, bookshelf lighting, cove lighting, art or sculpture lighting, display case lighting.


2. Outdoor Space

For some of you, Fall temperatures allow you to still enjoy the great outdoors. Whether you can still frolic in the nice weather or you want to make your house beautiful from the inside out, outdoor LED strips will allow you to do that. Ideas for lighting this area: Eves of your home (like this photo), patio, staircase, hand rail, gazebo, edge of concrete or planter, along fence, under outdoor table.

fall kitchen

3. Kitchen Lighting

Add a little illumination to the one area in your home where the holidays completely revolve around: The kitchen. One of our most popular rooms in the home to light is the kitchen. Under cabinet lighting is an obvious application for LEDs and will provide the biggest every-day benefits. Don’t forget about these places to add both task and accent lighting: under the cabinets, above the cabinets, inside the cabinets, inside glass cabinets, inside china cabinets, in toe kick area, under the island or breakfast bar.


4. Entertainment Room or Bonus Room

Entertainment rooms should be just that- entertaining! Add some color to extra rooms with some Fall lighting. Spruce up the areas where you have company the most. Don’t forget that the holidays also involve their fair share of college and professional sports games, which become parties in themselves. Some ideas for these rooms: wet bar, pool table lighting, TV backlighting, cove lighting, theater rooms, wine cellars, displays, behind speakers, and more.

fall bathroom

5. Bathroom

Bathrooms are the easiest to forget about when it comes to lighting! The most beautiful lighting tends to be the most unexpected. Add some lights in your bathroom to ease the process of getting ready for holiday parties or add LEDs to your guest bathrooms to impress all who walk in! Install lights in these places for the biggest impact: behind the mirrors, under the vanity or cabinets, under the bathtub, in cove areas, or in toe kick areas (for an added nightlight!)

home bar

6. Home Bar

Similar to the entertainment areas, you want to make sure your home bar has fantastic lighting so that people feel at home and feel the excitement surrounding the area. Ideas for this area: TV backlight, under the bar, bar shelves, bar glass cabinets, under glass bottles to illuminate them, cove lighting, anywhere to behind the bar (for functional lighting).


7. Kitchen: We know this is listed twice, but really… it’s that important!

Seriously! Cooking becomes much easier when you can actually see what you are doing (we promise)! If you forgot why kitchen lighting is so important already, scroll back up to #3.

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